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Safety First!

Pop-Up Party is excited bring all the fun! But first...Safety!

To qualify for game play every player must: 

1. Have completely read and signed
2. Review the safety rules.
3. Wear the Pop-Up Party given wristband at all times.
4. Be in good health without restrictions from a doctor. (Pregnant persons are not permitted to play).  
5. Respect and follow all rules posted and given by Pop-Up Party Game Masters.
6. Remove all personal items, sharp jewelry or accessories from body and pockets to ensure personal safety and no damage to games.  
7. Not have weapons or sharp objects of any kind, as they are not permitted on the premises. 
8. Be mindful of ones own physical capabilities and limitations.
9. Not be under the influence of any substance(s) of any kind.  

Please Note: 

Participation requires a wavier to be signed for EVERY individual. Click the link above to fill out your wavier, and join the fun! 

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